Tweeting in the Moment — Lessons Learned From LASCO Jamaica

IMG-20160817-WA0001Following last night’s gold medal win by Olympian Omar McLeod in the 110m hurdles in Rio Brazil, a controversial tweet was sent from Lasco Distributors Limited’s Twitter handle in reference to the Olympian. It’s completely obvious that this tweet was meant to be posted on a personal account, but like we’ve seen time after time the user may have forgotten to switch accounts leading to yet another major Twitter #fail.

Twitter doesn’t sleep. Users who are in charge of corporate accounts are always alert and paying attention to what’s happening in their stream. This means that work and personal Twitter accounts are sometimes added into programs like Hootsuite or Twitterfeed for easy access, but the problem is these same users sometimes don’t pay attention to the account they’re tweet from and tweets like this happen. Knowing how to manage work and personal accounts can be easy when following a few simple rules.

The company faced heavy criticism on the social media website after a tweet was sent from their Twitter account labeling McLeod as a “Goldfish”. The tweet has since been deleted and a public apology was given to the Olympian, customers, consumers, partners and the general public. The account has since been deactivated and the company stated that affiliated party has been fired.

So you’re responsible for a few Twitter accounts — how do you avoid tweeting from the wrong account and what to after the fact?

1. Create social media policies.

It is important for organizations and companies to keep track of what their members and employees are tweeting and posting about especially on issues that pertain to the workplace. So specific rules and policies should be implemented to govern the way an employee portray him/herself and the company on social media.

2. Social Media Page management by reputable individuals or companies

The management of a company’s social media page is very important to the reputation and standard of the company. The posts made on a company’s social media page is viewed by company’s partners and customers therefore the persons managing the accounts should be one that is fit to represent your brand.

3. Filter Posts

Another way that companies can monitor their social media post is by filtering all the post scheduled for their accounts. We’re all human and make mistakes. So, instead of sending out an inappropriate tweet, Facebook status, etc., make sure that it goes through an approval system before it goes live. Software from Social Instinct, Social SignIn, Crowd Control HQ,  or CDS could be used to notify editors or senior members of all social media messages  that are going to be sent out.

4. Use two different apps.

One of the main reasons people tweet from the wrong account is because they mix personal and business accounts all in one app. The easiest way to solve this problem is to use two different apps for business and personal use.

Hopefully we’ve provided enough perspective for you to be able to shape your own

company’s social media guidelines.